The man caught the jogger to push the woman on the bus
Max Burman, Yahoo News UK 1 hour 29 minutes ago
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After the woman rushed to the oncoming road, the police pursued the jogger
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A man was arrested in a jogger who seemed to push a woman into an oncoming bus and was investigated by the police for allegedly causing serious bodily harm.

Police said a 41-year-old man was detained at the address of the Chelsea area. The incident later in the week after the release of the CCTV video occurred in London near the southwest of Putney.

CCTV drama shows that the bus was forced into the adjacent lane, but narrowly avoided the 33-year-old pedestrian.

The police have appealed to witnesses or anyone who recognized the jogger (US police)
Police said that on May 5 at around 7:40 am and on May 5 (Friday) after the incident, the bus stopped and the passengers were often slightly injured.

About fifteen minutes later, the jogger ran across the bridge, and the victim tried to talk to him, but he did not admit her.

"When the victim was hit by the road, the victim was in extreme danger, and the investigation officer, Maas Nolles, said that it was only because of the exquisite rapid reaction of the bus driver, that she had not been hit by a car.

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